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Top Website Statistics For 2023

As we are now in August 2023 its time to reflect over the year so far and see where we are at as the internet continues to evolve, these website statistics show that making websites and having a good web presence are now more important than ever. So if you haven’t yet made the leap onto the web, now would be a great time as it’s so vital to keep up with trends.

This blog post is research over the web giving you up to date website statistics on what’s happening in the industry. Whether you’re a web developer, digital marketer or simply interested in online trends, we hope you find this blog useful.

website statistics

Wow!! there are approximately 1.11 billion websites on the internet in 2023

While there are 1.11 billion websites in the world, only a fraction of these are actively used and updated. A staggering 82% are inactive, meaning only 201,898,446 of the 1.11 billion websites are actively maintained and visited.

252,000 new websites are being created every single day

That’s around 3 websites built every second of every day, so by the time you read our blog post over 350 new websites will have been built.

Over 71% of small businesses have a website

In 2023 over seventy-one percent of small businesses have a website. This is a big jump from previous years, which is more than likely the aftermath of the lockdowns and pandemic in general, more people are now browsing the web for services and products. The acceleration caused by the pandemic has pushed us several years on and means having a web presence is now more important than ever. Its now more cost effective and straight forward to get up and running with lots of tools out there which are industry specific and therefore the bog costs of development are no longer a blockade in the route to market.

Website Statistics show that over 28% of business is now conducted online

Recent website statistics from IBISWorld shows that 28% of business is now conducted online, continuing the steady rise year on year. As transactions become commonplace and consumers grow trust and find exactly what they want online without the need to go to physical spaces (sometimes only to find it isn’t in stock, is too expensive compared with online or the store no longer carries the item).

93% of global traffic comes from Google

Google maintains its grip as being the place to start when sorting out your online lead source for business. Google is effectively the biggest shop window for your business to be seen on and with the recent review based changes to search, maintaining and managing your Google account is now of upmost importance. Your Google Business Profile is of extreme importance and giving the right first impression really does make a difference to if someone clicks through to your business or that competitor down the road. Adding a Virtual Tour helps show your business is a physical one and helps gain that trust in the generation who only know online for example.

Google has over 85.1 billion visitors making it the most visited website on the planet

Google is the place to be according to website statistics, as we have mentioned previously. Don’t discount other sites but Google is the one where your main focus needs to be, followed by YouTube and then Facebook, all of which are also important to have some presence on.

More web traffic comes from mobile phones than any other device – 58.99%

According to website statistics in 2012 it was just over 10% of traffic via mobile phones and you probably know yourself the amount of times you nip on your mobile to search for something, now that number is leading the way at 58.99% of users browsing on mobile phones.

57% don’t recommend businesses with poorly designed mobile websites

According to socPub 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. The importance therefore of mobile first web building is key in the modern age.

42.4% of the internet’s websites are in WordPress

This is the reason why Local Exposure use WordPress its open source, has constant updates and a large, growing database of plugins to suit virtually every business model.

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