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Take the hassle out of running your business website with Local Exposure, the leaders in fully managed web design services throughout the UK. Our Nottingham based Web Designers are masters in designing websites which not only look impressive and function fantastically on any device, but are also affordable and time saving.

We provide WordPress Web Design and development services suitable for almost any business, from trades and small business websites to large ecommerce builds. Prices start from only £299 +vat for an online presence built using the very latest, mobile friendly, Responsive Web Design techniques!

WordPress Websites

Flexibility & the freedom of it being your own website that is yours to keep!

Wix, Squarespace and Shopify might seem a good idea at the outset. But getting bogged down, starting to feel restricted, and being left with a website which you are unable to move is the longer-term prospect.

WordPress is the true professional choice for anyone wishing to build a business website, however large or small. It’s immeasurable popularity with the number of options available means you will never outgrow your website. And being opensource you are free to transfer to any provider in the future.

Fully Managed Website Support

Local Exposure’s differentiating factor is we provide a fully manged service with ongoing monthly support. Let us take care of your website whilst you get on with your business.






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Site Boost ® Digital Marketing

A range of easy and affordable solutions

We provide a range of digital marketing solutions tailored towards the SME market, many which typical digital agencies can’t deliver.

Site Boost Digital Marketing

Getting Started is Easy

It takes less than 20 minutes to get started & is completely obligation free.

Your Questions Answered

Yes, because we provide websites as a fully managed service and undertake all complexities on your behalf.

No, as it is a fully managed service. The only exception to this is if running an ecommerce store you need to keep your inventory up to date and orders processed. This is really an administrative issue but could feel like a technical requirement to uninitiated.

Our prices for a full website start from only £299 +vat. This will get you a basic, but multipage website with an about us page, services page, contact form, etc. Prices increase with number of pages, creative elements, and complexity.

No, if you require a domain name will help you register one and it will be included within the price. If you already have a domain name you are free to either point it or transfer it to us, so it can be used with your website.

Yes, business emails with a generous 10GB mailbox allowance are included with our service at no extra cost.

The length of time very much depends on a). the complexity of the build, and b). how ready you are to go. If it is an average build and are organised with the content you want in the site, the job can be turned around within 3 weeks.

Yes, and basic on-page SEO is included as part of our standard service, it would however be unethical for us to guarantee a certain position. Even Google cannot even provide this themselves.

Yes, sites are fully optimised for speed and performance using specialist WordPress hosting, optimisation tools and CDN (content delivery network).

In real terms, no. Many of our customers start out using Wix, GoDaddy and others, but come to us to save themselves money in the long run.

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