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Basic On-Page SEO is Included with our Web Design

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Included

On-page SEO is included with all websites we design. First, when we design the site, then on an ongoing basis for as long as you are a managed service customer. Simply contact us online, by email or phone and;

This is a straightforward SEO service, but great results can be achieved by virtue of fact we are building on top of a well designed website. Please read on to learn the finer details about our work.

SEO Ready Web Design

One of the main reasons why SEO services can start to get expensive is if a website is built badly in the first place. If things need fixing, a lot of time needs to be spent before starting to make any forward traction. Local Exposure takes a “right first time” approach to SEO in Nottingham. Every website we provide is developed taking search optimisation into consideration right from the start. This results in a better performing website from the outset, quicker progress, and lower cost.

SEO Meta Tags, H Titles & Content

The absolute cornerstone of good on-page SEO, we ensure your content, titles, internal links and meta are well constructed and fine tuning using powerful SEO plugins - Yoast or Rank Math. We can expertly advise and guide on the use of keywords, LSI and naturalness of the copy you provide.

Image Optimsation

Images are fully optimised including resizing, compression, file naming and the addition of alt tags. Getting page weight down drastically improves mobile performance, a key factor in search rank. Populating alt tags and getting naming right passes that little bit of SEO juice that can make the difference.

Site Structure

Often overlooked aspect of good web design, we ensure your site structure, urls, internal links and sitemap are well organised, so both visitors and search engines are able to understand your site well. Urls are carefully considered with a particular focus on local seo performance, for example "/seo-nottingham/"

Technical SEO

We like everything about your site to be technically excellent, from the server to page errors. Websites are installed with SSL (security certificate), vitally important as this is a ranking factor. On-page we ensure there are no broken links, duplicate content, and that the robots file and any redirections are setup correctly. Sites are submitted to the Google Search Console to monitor any indexing issues.

Server Tuning & Fast Page Speed

A fast site is a happy site, which ranks better in search results. Comprehensive steps are taken to ensure websites are fast including a fast and well tuned server, minification of JavaScript & CSS code to reduce page weight, page caching and a CDN (content delivery network), which serves content from the most local point of presence to the visitor.

Mobile Friendly

With over half internet traffic now on mobile devices, being mobile friendly is crucial. Search engines reflect this, giving preference to sites better optimised for mobile. We aim to ensure every site gets a good grade in mobile testing such as GT Metrix and Googles range of different tests.

Free Advice, Trials & No Obligation Demos

Local SEO

The two main aspects of local SEO is included with every website we build:

All aspects of local search are considered as part of our SEO Ready Web Design. This includes attention to the uniformity of your NAP (name address, phone), the use and distribution of local keywords within content, headings, image optimisation and SEO meta titles, and page structure (for example, seo-nottingham as the url).

Our GMB team can help get your Google My Business listing claimed, up to date and fully populated. This ensures your business will feature in local search listings and that you stand a better than fair chance against your competitors whenever a person searches for your type of business near them.

Customers wishing to take the potential of local SEO even further should take a look at our My Business Ads product and Local Citations service.

Local SEO
Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

Advanced SEO

Our standard SEO service included with the websites we design and maintain represents really good value. For most businesses it will provide more SEO benefit than is ever needed. This is particularly true if you have a clear identity, you know your goals and manage your business hands on.

We can arrange additional SEO for any customer requiring more advanced services. Maybe your business is slightly more complex, in a sector where SEO is particularly competitive, or you simply require rankings over a broader range of keywords in order to drive more sales.

The main differences with a full SEO service are:

Search Engine Optimsation FAQ's

Comprehensive SEO typically costs starts from £250-£300 per month and upwards. Anything less than this is likely to be not worth while. In some scenarios, maybe your SEO requirement is very simple, or you only require specific elements to give your business the needed boost, then the cost of SEO may be cheaper.

No, we do not generally undertaken SEO services for sites we haven’t built. A reason for this is typically the state of the website is a factor in needing SEO in the first place – at least in the initial stages you are paying to fix the problems that gone before it. But many times we have redeveloped a website as part of an overall SEO strategy. So yes, we take a look at your SEO requirements, but we will assess root causes and take a look at the overall most cost effective approach first.

Absolutely,  we will work with any 3rd party freelancer or agency if you decide to have a website with us but use SEO services from elsewhere.

Firstly, only basic on-page SEO is provided. This is very effective for most sites, but it excludes any off-page activity such as article writing and obtaining back links from external sites. It is these activities which can be particularly time consuming and therefore expensive. Second, with taking the Right First Time approach with the SEO Ready Websites we build, it can lower ongoing commitment to SEO and therefore costs.

No. Unfortunately, this area of SEO is a double edged sword. Backlinks can be essential for good rank, but it is virtually impossible to engineer those links reputably. We do not want to undertake a practice on behalf of a customer, which could later turn bad and lead to penalty. We encourage business owners to seek out backlinks organically. Where customers find themselves in a situation needing to pay for links, we advise to tread carefully. We can help with Citations services to help boost your Local SEO, but we will always stop short of offering Guest Post type link building activity.

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