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Google My Business is your listing with Google which displays in Google Maps, Google Earth and Search and other Google products.

As a certified Google My Business management provider, we specialise in enhancing and optimising your Google Business Listing.

Google My Business Management


Listing Acquisition

Listing Optimisation

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GMB Page Management

How GMB Page Management Helps Your Business

Making your Google My Business listing  professional and to a standard which positively reflects your business can be confusing. As a business owner you most likely do not have the time needed to navigate the hassle of claiming ownership, correcting information and ensuring your listing shows in the right searches.

Our Google My Business Management services equally suit both small businesses and larger enterprises.  Our expert approach gives you the listing to really help sell your business, and we are on hand to provide support with our specialist knowledge. As an officially recognised Google My Business provider, your GMB listing is in safe hands.

Three Easy Steps To Full Google My Business Optimisation

According to a recent study, 84% of searches are discovery, while 16% are direct
When someone finds your business listing, make sure it positively reflects you service!

Step 1.

Listing Acquisition

GMB Listing Acquisition

Looking to create a new Google business listing or maybe looking to gain access to an existing listing for your business? Our status as a Google My Business provider means we are able to help you get up and running with minimal trouble to yourself.

Step 2.

Listing Optimisation

GMB Listing Optimisation

Is your listing is hitting the right audience? We can help ensure your business shows up under correct search terms and has up-to-date information. We have the skills and knowledge to make sure your first impression is the best one.

Step 3. Ad-don

My Business Ads

My Business Ads

‘People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read’ Our Google My Business Ads service provides further enhancement to your listing with posts that highlight your services and products. Visually rich imagery makes your listing stand out.

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'Zero Click' Searches And Your Business Listing

Online research finds that more than 50% of Google searches ended without a click to other content. These searches, where you search Google and find all the information you need are called ‘zero click searches’.

With the current trend for ‘zero click’ and ‘near me’ searches, it is important for the modern business to have this base covered. It means ensuring that your Google My Business listing is up to date and as feature rich as possible. The internet and the way people search is ever changing. Your business needs to keep up with the trends and we at Local Exposure can help you capitalise on local search.

The other 50% which click through and leave Google are obviously equally important, this is where great web design services come in.

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