Litespeed Hosting


Up to 84x Faster

Superior Caching



Litespeed Standard

Perfect For Smaller Sites
£ 10 Monthly
  • 1 Site
  • 1x CPU Power
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5GB Storage

Litespeed Power

The Power To Meet Most Demands
£ 15 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 1x CPU Power
  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 10GB Storage

Litespeed Power x2

Ideal For Power Hungry Or Multiple Sites
£ 30 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sites
  • 2x CPU Power
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20GB Storage

Litespeed Power x3

Litespeed Power x4

Litespeed Power x5

Litespeed Power x6

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Standard Features Of Litespeed Hosting Packages

Litespeed Enterprise

Robust Litespeed Enterprise servers. Apache compatible with full .htaccess support, no frontend proxies

Fastest Webserver

Simply the fastest. Litespeed hosting out performs in all benchmark tests. Up to 12x faster than Nginx and 84x against Apache.

WordPress LSCache Plugin

LSCache is an all-in-one optimization plugin designed to specifically work with WordPress at the server core.

Cyberpanel Control Panel

The Cyberpanel hosting CP is easy to use and specifically designed for the Litespeed webserver. Good bye clunky cpanel and hello next generation.

Google Based DNS

Domains hosted with us have access to Google based DNS. This guarantees fast response times and bulletproof reliability.

Amazon S3 Backups

Daily incremental backups to Amazon S3 included free of charge, on request.

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Our Litespeed website hosting is hosted on a cloud infrastructure, giving you the ability to scale with ease and cost effectively.

Single Click WP & Licenses

Install WordPress with a single click! Our Litespeed hosting also comes with access to Pro Theme & page builder FOC.

Litespeed Web Hosting

The Litespeed Hosting Difference

What sets our Litespeed Web Hosting apart from typical hosting is the Enterprise grade speed, stability and ability to scale. Many hosting packages advertise “Unlimited” credentials, but in the real world nothing can be truly unlimited. In the small print there will always a be factor which limits available performance. This could be maximum allowable CPU usage, a RAM limit, Inodes or another limit.

When these limits are hit the choice is between slowdown or upgrade. Upgrade will most often involve the disruption of moving to a better-quality hosting package or VPS. Our Litespeed hosting is cloud based with an inherent ability to scale. So, if traffic increases or there is a need to host additional sites, your package can be easily upgraded.

Affordable Premium Hosting For All

Our Litespeed hosting isn’t just for high traffic sites. It is equally suited to smaller websites that demand the very best in performance. The speed and optimization tuning achievable can improve SEO performance, visitor satisfaction and overall ROI.

When compared to other premium WordPress hosting solutions such as WP Engine and Kinsta, our Litespeed Hosting is a very affordable way of getting some of the very best hosting available.

Premium Hosting
Use Code "FREETRIAL" To Get Started

Litespeed Web Hosting FAQ's

Our Litespeed packages are a Cloud Hosting Solution. The server is shared with others, but resources are dedicated to you with no over provisioning. This gives you the best of both worlds, the cost effectiveness of group buying power, but the power of guaranteed resource, and the ability to easily scale as your requirements may change.

Cheaper hosting options are available including our own Standard Web Hosting starting at £4 and Managed WordPress Hosting Platform starting at of £6. As a premium hosting account our prices are cheap to other premium hosting solutions like WP Engine & Kinsta.

No, being “unlimited” would jeopardise the service for others and therefore undermind being a premium hosting solution. What is unlimited is the potential to increase your available resource at a fair cost. So the answer the exact answer is Yes and No. Yes if you are willing to pay for the resource you are using and No, if you are not.

Our Litespeed Web Hosting is hosting in the Cloud. We currently provide hosting located in London, UK using UpCloud infrastructure, and may add further points of presence in the future. UpCloud was carefully selected based on their impressive credentials, out performing the big cloud providers like Amazons AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure in benchmark tests. They have been in operation since 2011 and have recently secured a €18 million investment.

No, just as with most premium WordPress hosting solutions, the package is designed to simply deliver the best hosting possible.  Although Cyberpanel supports DNS and mail services, all these services are disabled. If email is required we provide standard Linux hosting accounts starting at only £4pm, or as a Litespeed customer a special unlimited email hosting account for only £5pm. These accounts include massive 10GB mailboxes as standard.

To send email via your website we recommend using a specialist Transactional email service such as Sendinblue. If help is required we will provide you with a temporary API key which can be used during a trial period. After testing we encourage customers to setup their own account. A free account will allow enough emails for most purposes. Another option is to use SMTP of an email account. But we always recommend using a professional transactional service, which you control and manage reputation.

Customers are encouraged to use our hosting to host multiple websites and it is an ideal platform for web designers and agencies looking for premium space to host websites on behalf of their clients. But it is not a reseller account, and it does not carry the features typically associated with a reseller account.

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