Lego Store Leicester Square

Lego Store Leicester Square

Google Street View Photography for Lego Leicester Square and UK Stores.

Local Exposure recently shot Google Street View photography to tie in with the new Leicester Square Lego Store opening.

Navigate around from the comfort of your own mobile or tablet, and look out for all the great features of the store including Big Ben, the London Tube and the world’s first Mosaic Maker, which allows fans to make a personalised portrait out of Lego!

International Lego Store Photography

In addition to nationally covering all the UK stores, we recently undertook an international roll out program to deliver Street View photography into 16 European stores over 5 counties; Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

Such programs can often be hassle for National and International brands. But Local Exposure are receptive to devising strategies that make things happen, however big or small the undertaking. From a single local shop to Lego. We are flexible and can work direct with clients or agencies.

google street view

Please take a look around a sample of stores, click the expand button to see the tours full screen.

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