Cost Of Web Design In Derby & Nottingham

Flexible Price Points To Suit Any Business & Website Size

cost of web design in derby and nottingham

Small Business & Pay Monthly Websites

The cost of web design in Derby & Nottingham is really dependant on the type of website you are looking for. Typically our web design services suitable for small businesses start at only £299. This price will get you a small, but professional mobile friendly website built using WordPress and all the latest technologies.

There are no real limits to the features. It could include social media feeds, galleries, sliders, testimonials, contact forms, maps, live chat widgets and much more.

Another great value option we provide is Pay Monthly Websites through our sister site Trusted Trade Design. Keeping the cost of web design in Derby & Nottingham down specifically with Trades and small business in mind.

Standard Business Websites - Solutions not Packages

For businesses requiring more than a basic online presence, we provide a range of service for web design in Derby & Nottingham including larger brochure sites, websites for creative sectors and ecommerce.

We don’t provide a “bronze, silver, gold” package pricing approach to our regular websites, simply because there are too many variables involved:

Please contact us for a properly thought through quotation for web design in Derby and Nottingham. Which for many businesses is likely to cost only a little more than a starter website.

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Ecommerce Web Design Cost

Ecommerce is available as an option to our regular Business Web Design services. We can provide Ecommerce as either a full Ecommerce store or as a later addition to an existing site that we have built.

The cost of setting up web design in Derby and Nottingham for Ecommerce can vary enormously, from less than £500 to £5,000 or even more, just depending on the complexities and work involved.

Please contact us for a thorough consultation with an account manager, who will be able to advise and give you honest answers to your potential options and cost implications.

Ecommerce Web Design Cost

Web Design Cost FAQ's

All websites we design in Derby and Nottingham are built using the WordPress platform and same technologies, they are essentially of equal quality and built to the same standards. The primary difference is the size and flexibility of options. More pages with a greater page count, creativity and Ecommerce are options with a regular website. 

You can expect a regular website to be a little more “creative” vs being “functional”, and you can also expect a regular website to have better SEO potential, as the starter site is more likely to be thinner on content. Starter and Pay Monthly sites are best suited to businesses who only require an online presence to backup their otherwise traditional business. Any business in the retail sector, or looking to significantly raise their profile online would benefit from a regular website.

Yes, all sites are subject to at least a hosting fee, which costs £15 per month managed or as little as £4 if you are willing to take on the responsibility of technical upkeep yourself. During the first 12 month period all websites must start out on a fully managed basis whilst things beds down, and in most cases continue to develop. 

During this time you will receive support with content, graphics and on-page SEO. Websites are for life, and should never be considered a completely finished project if you wish for performance to continue and grow. For this reason we always advise customers to remain a fully managed account, or even become a priority account, but the choice is yours after that initial period.

Maybe, but this may mean building the website in Derby and Nottingham yourself or sacrificing on quality. We actually provide a solution at every price point ourselves, with hosting accounts starting at £4 pm including access to a site builder or £6 pm including professional and fully licensed WordPress themes and page builder.

Absolutely, as long as no billing is outstanding, we will provide a database export, list of plugins and zip of your assets folder containing images. Some technical work will be required by the new host to redeploy the site.

Examples of our Work

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