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The way that consumers operate is constantly in shift, and with today’s fast-paced lifestyle we
are constantly looking for ways to obtain information as succinctly as possible. There are two
certain things which accompany the quest for bite-size knowledge when we are looking for
something, the first is that we will use Google, whether to find a product/service or check the
name of that actor you can’t remember the name of – nothing is quicker and more built-in to
modern culture than whipping out your phone and running a quick Google search, in fact
Google handles roughly 7 billion searches each day !
The second of these certainties is that
we rely on reviews to inform the decisions we make, even opting to spend more for a bit of
peace-of-mind if reviews are present. A whopping 91% of people will regularly read reviews,
and 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
– there can be no
debating the importance of our reviews, and how a consumer perceives us when they come
across said reviews.

So now that we’re agreed that Google and reviews are two of the most important players in
modern living, it goes without saying that a service which rolls these two elements into one is an
essential for any business. That service is Google My Business, the hub for business listings
across the Google platform – your business listing provides consumers with a snapshot of your
business, and includes contact information, photos, reviews and more. Think of it as your first
impression, since this is where a surprising number of consumers will find you, and with over
50% of searches being ‘zero-click’ searches
(where the customer runs a search but goes no
further than their results page) it might also be your only chance to make an impression.

There are even more aspects to a business listing than just reviews, and whilst they are one of
the key features of a listing, they are certainly not the only piece of your business on display.
Fleshing out your listing with imagery and contact information gives you a much better edge
over competitors, in fact last year Google released that according to their own studies 41% of
people were likely to move on from a business listing if it was incomplete
, so it is vital that
you ensure your listing is as complete as possible. The first step towards this is making sure
your listing a) exists and b) is in your possession – unclaimed listings are marked with an ‘Own
this business?’ link so you can easily check if your listing has been claimed.

Don’t have a listing or need help claiming? We offer a service where we can create a listing if
your business doesn’t have one, additionally we can help you claim an unclaimed listing – as a
certified Google My Business provider we have the skills and knowledge to take the
hassle out of acquiring your listing
. What if your listing is claimed but not by yourself? Or
what if your listing was claimed but you no longer have access to it? Well luckily we are on hand
to help with both of these situations, and working with us is far easier than trying to navigate
Google support, believe me! If you’re looking to get your listing claimed, read a little more about Google My Business Page Management.

It is vital to any business that you make sure to claim your business, not only for the benefits it
provides the consumer, but also the insights it gives to you as a business owner. Through
Google My Business you’re able to view search traffic, manage your reviews, photography and
contact information such as opening hours – considering the benefits this is a service which
every business should be taking advantage of and we are on hand to help you every step of the
way. Get in touch today and make that first impression count!


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